For writers and illustrators. Free advice, guidance and examples of how to maximize your income as writer or illustrator or author including tips and advice, how to claim Public Lending Right, create a log of your work, claim payback, & contract advice.

Tips and Advice for Writers and Illustrators.

I am always looking for ways to help other writers and illustrators out there as our work can be in isolation and there is always the danger of feeling alone and helpless, always feeling like you are pushing against the odds.  Well you might be but there is still a lot you can do to change the odds as much as possible in your favour.  Below are links to my various articles giving tips and advice based on my experience ranging from how to maximise your income as a writer or illustrator, claiming UK and International Public Lending Rights, creating a log / register  of your work, claiming DACS payback, setting up Amazon Author Central accounts, secondary use royalties, and advice on self publishing etc.  I hope you find these articles as lucrative and rewarding as I have over the years and that they inspire you to squeeze that lemon as much as possible.

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