Book illustrated by Tina Macnaughton.

Bellow is a list of all the books that I have illustrated over the years in chronological order, starting with my very first book “One Snowy Night” at the bottom and the latest book to be published at the top …. with more to follow soon ….

One Christmas Mystery

Publisher : Tiger Tales (2021)

It’s almost time for Little Hedgehog’s Christmas party, and Little Hedgehog waits patiently for his friends to come over with the decorations. But when they get to his house, they’re very upset! Someone has taken ALL of the holly berries and ALL of the pine cones in the woods, and now, there is nothing to decorate Little Hedgehog’s house with. So the friends set out to see if they can figure out what’s going on. Along the way, they find some very BIG footprints. Who could they belong to?

Look at Me!

Publisher : Rainstorm Publishing (2020)

Look at all the things puppy can do! Follow puppy and parent playing on the slide and meeting new friends as they adventure through the park. This sweet, rhyming story highlights all the joys of parenthood. With adorable illustrations and a heartwarming poem, this large, padded board book is sure to become a new favorite.

One Christmas Wish

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2020)

The baby mice have one Christmas wish: to build snow mice. But there just isn’t enough snow!

So Little Hedgehog and his friends set off on a snow hunt. On the way home, the mice share their snow with others in need. Will there be enough left to make their wish come true?

One Christmas Journey

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2019)

Little Hedgehog and his friends are off to visit Grandpa Squirrel. But he lives high up on Rocky Ridge and there’s a snowstorm on the way!
Can the friends deliver their gifts, brave the icy weather and make it home safe in time for Christmas?

One Perfect Day

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2018)

It’s a perfect spring day and Little Hedgehog and friends are going for a walk. There are lambs to watch, flowers to spot and Easter eggs to find! But when two little ducklings get lost in the woods can the friends return them safely to Mother Duck? And will they ever find all the Easter eggs?

Good Night, I Love You

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2018)

Join the animals heading to bed in this heart-warming board book, with a fantastic sparkly peep-through moon! With a gentle rhyme and soft illustrations from Tina Macnaughton (I Love You More Each Day, Time for Bed, Little One and the Little Hedgehog series), this is the ideal book to share with your little ones at bedtime.

Snuggles with Daddy

Author : Ruby Brown

Publisher : Hardie Grant (2017)

Today will be a busy day for Daddy Fox.
Each of his eight little cubs wants to do their own special thing with him.
Is there something they can all do together? 

One Cosy Christmas

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2017)

Little Hedgehog can’t wait to spend Christmas with his friends. But who’s eaten all the biscuits? Who’s that snoring at night? And why is Little Hedgehog’s hat missing? Is Christmas ruined, or can the friends make it perfect after all?

Secret Animal Society: Snowball the Baby Bigfoot

Author : Ruth Louise Symes

Publisher : Piccadilly Press Ltd (2015)

Can the baby Bigfoot, Snowball, be reunited with his family?  At the Secret Animal Society Sanctuary, hidden away in a remote corner of the country, Christmas is approaching. There’s lots to organise with the winter weather drawing in, and all the endangered and rare animals to care for. Even fire-breathing dragons need food and shelter!

One Noisy Night

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2015)

Everyone’s favourite hedgehog is back! This time, Little Hedgehog and his friends have a puzzle to solve . . . Strange creaking sounds are coming from the woods! And Fox is sure he saw Little Hedgehog down by the river in the middle of the night. Will the friends solve the mystery of the very noisy night . . . ?

One Snowy Rescue

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2015)

Little Hedgehog is back with another magical adventure! It’s winter and it won’t stop snowing. “Oh no,” Little Hedgehog cries. “I hope Mouse isn’t snowed in too!” With a wriggle, he pulls himself out of his window and SPLAT into a big snowdrift. He sets off into the woods to check on her – and so begins a very snowy rescue!

Cuddles for Mummy

Author : Ruby Brown

Publisher :  Chirpy Bird (2015)

Little Owl wants to give Mummy Owl a cuddle.  There are good morning cuddles, good night cuddles, thank you cuddles and cuddles just because you are happy.  Which cuddle will Little Owl choose?

Bedtime Blessing

Author : Becky Davies

Publisher :  Tiger Tales (2015)

“As the sun sinks gently/in the glowing sky,/God is watching over/from His place on high.” Join the animals around the world as they snuggle up to sleep–each one loved, cherished, and protected. With stunning illustrations, this inspirational bedtime prayer is perfect for sharing with little ones.

Secret Animal Society: Spike the Sea Serpent

Author : Ruth Louise Symes

Publisher : Piccadilly Press Ltd (2015)

The Secret Animal Society – an organisation which protects those very rare animals few people know even exist – is located in a remote valley close to the sea. When twins Eddie and Izzie move there with their family, they’re very disappointed that many of the animals keep themselves hidden. In fact, the only one they see regularly is Cornflake the dragon. Noah, the old caretaker, tells them that it’s normal – there are some creatures that they haven’t seen for years. 

Secret Animal Society: Cornflake the Dragon

Author : Ruth Louise Symes

Publisher : Piccadilly Press Ltd (2014)

Twins Eddie and Izzie love animals. They want to look after ALL the school pets in the holidays – but the only one left is the grumpy lizard. The lizard cheers up once he goes home with them and eats the food he likes – they name him after his favourite. Then Cornflake grows two bumps on his back, which gradually turn into wings . . . He’s really a dragon!  The twins know they have to keep such a rare animal secret, but it’s hard in a small flat, especially when Cornflake starts breathing fire. Then a man turns up asking awkward questions and they really start to worry . . 

One Special Sleepover

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2014)

Little Hedgehog is having his first ever sleepover! But disaster strikes when a gust of wind whisks away the blanket he’s made for his friends. There’s only one thing to do: they’ll make a new blanket together – a friendship blanket for a very special sleepover!

My Mummy and Me

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2014)

Little Mouse loves nothing better than to skip and run, giggle and have fun with his mummy!

One Special Christmas

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2013)

It’s Christmas — but poor Santa has a cold! So Little Hedgehog sets out with a sledge full of presents…

I Love You More Each Day!

Author : Suzanne Chiew

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2013)

Each day is bright and beautiful,  each day holds something new,  and every day is magical, when it is shared with you. 

One Starry Night

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2012)

Little Hedgehog and his friends are on an exciting adventure to see a shower of sparkly shooting stars!

Mouse and the Moon

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2012)

Before Little Harvest Mouse closes his eyes each night, he sings a lullaby to his very own moon. Then, one cloudy evening, the moon disappears. And Little Mouse discovers that he is not the only one looking for her.

One Christmas Night

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2011)

Christmas is near – but Little Hedgehog has forgotten to get presents for his friends, and his house isn’t sparkly and Christmassy at all! Hedgehog sets off into the forest to find gifts, but the night is cold and the woods are growing dark…

Oh Dylan!

Author : Tracey Corderoy

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2011)

Dylan duckling and his three sisters are off to the pond for their very first swim. “Hold on to the daisy chain, then you won’t get lost,” says Mummy Duck. But Dylan has other ideas…

The Smiley Snowman

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2010)

When Little Bear, Small Fox and Fluffy Bunny build a huge, smiley snowman, they have so much fun! But the next morning, their snowman looks all shivery and his happy smile has gone! Whatever can they do…?

It's My World Too

Author : Elena Pasquali

Publisher : Lion Hudson plc (2010)

This beautifully illustrated yet sincere picture book features an adorable cast of animals from around the world to encourage children to practise respect for the planet and the animals that share it with us. Heartfelt conversations between mother and baby animals (pandas, elephants, snow leopards, chimps and porpoises) highlight how both global and local human impact is threatening their habitats, but also the things – both natural and human – that go to make it a better place. With a hole-in-the-page novelty, ‘think about’ boxes and a pleaful refrain from the animals to remember ‘it’s my world too’, this book is playful in approach but with a serious message at heart, to give children an awareness of important environmental issues and encouragement to be kind to their planet.

One Special Day

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2010)

Join two little hedgehogs on a very big adventure as Little Hedgehog helps Baby Hedgehog find his missing blanket.

Ένα ροζ ιγκλού για την Πόλυ


Publisher : Monteponi Kaipoi (2009)

Κάπου μακριά στο Βόρειο Πόλο, σε ένα λευκό ιγκλού, ζούσε μια πολική αρκουδίτσα. Η Πόλυ είχε ένα και μοναδικό όνειρο… Ήθελε να ταξιδέψει πέρα από το χιονισμένο τοπίο της χώρας της και να βάλει λίγο χρώμα στη ζωή της.   Το μόνο που χρειαζόταν για να πραγματοποιήσει την ευχή της ήταν ένα μικρό αστέρι, λίγη τύχη και μερικοί καλοί φίλοι!

Somewhere away at the North Pole, in a white igloo, there lived a polar bear. Polly had a unique dream. She wanted to travel beyond the snowy landscape of her country and put a little colour into her life.   All she needed to fulfill her wish was a little star, a little luck and some good friends! 

Where Snowflakes Fall

Author : Claire Freedman

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2009)

Capturing the beauty of the rare animals that live on the ice and snow, ‘Where Snowflakes Fall’ explores the majestic beauty of the polar regions.

Are You Sad, Little Bear?

Author : Rachel Rivett

Publisher : Lion Hudson plc (2009)

Grandmother Bear has gone for ever, and Little Bear is feeling sad. His mother wisely suggests that perhaps asking his woodland companions what saying goodbye means to them will help him understand his loss. Little Bear’s day of exploring and asking questions brings him comfort and hope. For the swallows, saying goodbye means flying to warmer lands; for the leaves of the trees it is a chance to be free, leaving the tree at her most beautiful; for the moon it is to return to be with the Sun; and for the Sun it is to rise in another sky and just because Little Bear can’t see him doesn’t mean he isn’t there. This charmingly illustrated picture book will help young children in times of bereavement, loss or change, gently exploring the reasons for saying goodbye and giving reassurance that goodbye doesn’t mean the end of things.

Time for Bed, Little One

Author : Caroline Pitcher

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2008)

The sun is rising and Little Fox should be settling down to bed. But he doesn’t want to sleep all through the day, when everyone else is having fun! “Just one more play?” he asks his mum, and scampers off to find his friends. As he races and chases through the woods, he starts to feel tired. Maybe it’s time Little Fox was in bed after all…

One Rainy Day

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2008)

Little Hedgehog is delighted when he wakes up to find it is raining. At last he can try out his lovely new raincoat, hat and boots, and his sparkly umbrella. But soon the rain gets faster and the wind gets blowier and Little Hedgehog’s rain day turns into a great big adventure!

The Littlest Owl

Author : Caroline Pitcher

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2008)

Deep inside the willow tree the last baby owl is born. He’s so very small, a downy white ball. As the other owls grow and learn to fly, the littlest owl is left behind. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t quite do it. “I will,” he says. “Just you wait and see!” Then one night, a howling storm forces the owls from their home. Will the littlest owl be able to fly to safety?

My Daddy and Me

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2008)

When Little Bear is with his daddy, he is the fastest, tallest and happiest Little Bear in the whole world…

Baby Bunny and Friends Say Good Night

Author : Robin Suzanne Carol

Publisher : Price Stern Sloan (2008)

Young children can press a button on the cover to light up the night sky with stars, as mother animals put their babies to bed as they say goodnight to each other and the stars.

An Arkful of Animal Prayers

Author : Sophie Piper

Publisher : Lion Hudson plc (2008)

Endearing illustrations bring life to a selection of heartwarming prayers that express the joy children find in animals, as well as their hopes and dreams for all the animals of the world and their habitats. Charming illustrations from Tina Macnaughton make this an extra-appealing book of prayers.

The Little Lost Robin

Author : Elizabeth Baguley

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2007)

On the edge of the deep wood lives an old hare. Every day he walks in the wood to visit his friend, little Robin, and listen to her bright, cheerful songs. But when one winter night a terrible storm rips through the trees, Robin goes missing. Hare is sure that Robin is lost for ever.

The Fairy Who Could Not Fly

Publisher : Kids Play (2007)

“Little Fairy wishes she could fly and sprinkle dust like all the other fairies. Join her on an unforgettable journey, as she learns to build up the courage to make her dreams come true. The Fairy Who Could Not Fly is an inspirational story that will reinforce self-confidence and build motivation in children to try new things.”

Little Fallow

Author : Angela McAllister

Publisher : Gullane Children’s Books (2007)

Little Fallow is a timid little fawn indeed. And however much her mother tries to reassure her, she feels that she’s letting everyone down by not being brave enough. But when the terrifying ‘Four Prongs’ manages to scare all the other fawns off, it’s Little Fallow whose bravery knows no bounds!

One Winter's Day

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2006)

When Little Hedgehog’s nest is blown away he wraps up warmly and sets off for Badger’s house. But will Little Hedgehog make it through the storm to safety?

While Angels Watch

Author : Marni McGee

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2006)

“I’ve seen Angels play,” said Hare. “They race with Fox and dark-eyed Deer. And when a whispering river speaks, Angels gather close to hear.” At the dawn of time Angels danced through creation, bringing colour and life to all. 

An Arkful of Animal Stories

Author : John Goodwin

Publisher : Lion Hudson plc (2006)

Life aboard the ark must sometimes have been hard for the animals stowed by Noah. No room for the rattlesnake to shake her tail, no carrots for the horse. Even the lion is scared by the thunder and lightning. But with a little cooperation and thought for each other, the animals soon learn get on with each other until the day that the dove returns with an olive branch in her beak. These ten stories about the animals’ life aboard the ark are full of mischief and humour, but their fable-like quality makes a sincere point about behaviour and getting along.

Brown Bear's Wonderful Secret

Author : Caroline Castle

Publisher : Gullane Children’s Books (2006)

Brown Bear has a wonderful secret! The animals don’t think it can be that special. You wouldn’t want to eat it and it doesn’t fly – so what can it be? They’re longing to find out. But it’s not until the spring comes that they discover that it really is the most wonderful secret of all!

One Magical Day

Author : Claire Freedman

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2006)

Join the animals as they wake to a wonderful new morning.

My First Valentine's Day Book

Publisher : Kingfisher Books (2006)

This fun, interactive board book helps young children get ready for Valentine’s Day. Cuddly creatures exchanging Valentine’s greetings introduce toddlers to the tradition of card giving on February 14. Every spread features adorably illustrated animals and a little envelope that can be opened to reveal a cute Valentine’s card inside. Lively rhyming text encourages discussion about feelings and love, making this the perfect title for parents to share with their little ones.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Publisher : Book Studio (2005)

Small animals illustrate this traditional nursery rhyme and readers can sing along by pressing a button that plays the melody and lights up the stars.

Snow Friends

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2005)

When Little Bear wakes early from his winter sleep, he has the most wonderful surprise SNOW! Little Bear tumbles and skids and stomps and dances. But snow would be much more fun if he had a friend to play with. So he decides to build a snowman.

Pugwug and Little

Author : Susie Jenkin-Pearce

Publisher : Gingham Dog Press (2005)

Pugwug’s got a new sibling – and it’s an egg! Pugwug wants to play with his new baby brother – or maybe sister! – but it’s not very easy to get a response! However, when Big Penguin has to dash off, Pugwug is left to look after ‘Little’, and there’s more than a little excitement in store for both of them! Ages 2+

Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones

Author : Claire Freedman

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2004)

All the baby animals – from little hippo to the mischievous monkeys – are snuggling down for the night in this beautiful bedtime rhyme.

One Snowy Night

Author : M. Christina Butler

Publisher : Little Tiger Press (2004)

Little Hedgehog is given a snug, woolly hat for Christmas, but it doesn’t fit him. Then he has a wonderful idea…

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