Recommended reading for writers and illustrators.

Recommended Reading for Writers and Illustrators.

If I had got £1 for each time I have recommended these titles to people I would be a wealthy woman.  They are for the newbie writer and illustrator an absolute must to buy and read.  Scour their pages for crafty ideas to generate work and squeeze out every possible potential to make money.  Without these books it would have been so much harder to find out all the information I needed to freelance.
Plus when you do land the job from heaven and you dance round the room like a loon it is vital to have a book on contracts. Oh bore of bores, the idea of reading a contract and trying to understand lawyer speak…..urgh!  I would rather poke my eyes out with a mouldy stick, BUT it has saved my bacon plenty of times. I even used it once to semi write a contract with a foreign publisher.  They probably thought that I was some weird monster lawyer/illustrator hybrid.
  • The Writer’s and Artists Yearbook by A&C Black – general publishing
  • The Children’s Writer’s and Artists Yearbook by A&C Black – for the children’s book market. This is an essential buy if you want to be a picture book illustrator.
  • The Artists’ Yearbook by Thames and Hudson – more for fine artists.
  • The Illustrator’s Guide to Law and Business Practice by Simon Stern – law, contracts, publishing deals.  Can be purchased from the Association of illustrators.  Also very useful for writers too as they will contend with the same law and publishing deals.

Recommended Reading

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