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If you are not thinking yet that you need a good digital record of all you work then you seriously need to.  I can’t emphasize enough how important and useful it is to have a record of all your work.  As I have already said I am very lucky that my husband (now working with me as my PA and manages my website) has set my asset register up and manages it for me.  It has been invaluable and quite an eye opener to me.

He started by creating a list of all my books starting with all the physical copies that we have.  Every time a book of mine is published either for the first time or in a different format, language, edition etc. I either get a hard copy or correspondence to let me know.  OK some publishers are better than others at this, however, it is a good place to start and you could always ask your publishers for a list of your books.

The next best place, or actually thinking about it probably the best place to start is the WorldCat website.  Simply do a search on your published name(s) and start gathering all that wonderful data into a tabulated list.  I would gather as much information as practical as you never know what you are going to need over and above the book ISBN, book title, author, illustrator, translator, narrator, publisher, publication year etc.

He then Google searches for any library, Amazon domain and any other sites that list book ISBNs.  He found trade book selling sites to be some of the best places for information after WorldCat and your own publisher’s website.  He has basically created an asset list of all my books including information such as title, language, author, dedication, format (hardback, paperback, eBook, board book etc.), translator, narrator, ISBN, royalty share, publication year, and also, were possible, the number of images in each book (which he has only done for the ones we have physical copies of).  The list has proved to be very useful when completing PLR, ALCS and DACS claim forms and registering my books on their websites etc.

I ….. OK maybe I should say we …. or he! …. keep my asset register in the form of a spreadsheet at the moment and if you would like any more pointers on that then please get in touch.  One thing I can tell you now is that it can take hours of dull boring work to put together, however, it will pay off for years to come.  My claims would never have been as good as they are if it were not for the effort put in ….. thank you my PA ….. now where’s my tea? …. what seems to be the delay!?

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